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Panier des Sens Bar Soap 5.3 Oz. - Provence

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Panier des Sens Bar Soap 5.3 Oz. - Provence has a 100% vegetable base and relaxing soothing provence oil.  Its gentle, delicate foam cleanses and perfumes, making it the ideal solution for even the most damaged skin. 97% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

Born from the traditional expertise of the soap makers in Provence using pure and natural ingredients, this triple-milled soap offers a smooth and delicate lather for a luxurious feel upon and after use. It cleanses and perfumes without disrupting the natural balance of your skin thanks to the nourishing and soothing shea butter.

The essence of Provence, this fragrance is a mix of lemon, artemisia and cypress essential oils. The citrus essential oils quicken body dynamism with their fruity and sunny scents and help to reduce tiredness of the epidermis. The cypress essential oil brings power and warmth to the fragrance while the artemisia balance properties soften the formula for daily care use.



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