Customer Service

We are an online store We cannot help with problems with items that were purchased elsewhere and we cannot help find other stores that sell the products that we sell.

We are an online store and not the manufacturer of the products we sell and we do not refund or replace products purchased from other stores. If you have an issue with a product that was purchased elsewhere please contact the merchant who sold you the product or the manufacturer.

If you have questions or a customer service issue, the fastest way to reach us is to email us at or text us at 1-408-634-8361. Please mention your order number and the date you ordered in your email.

Our phone number is 1-408-634-8361 but we do not have a dedicated customer service phone staff and we respond much faster to emails and texts. You can leave a voicemail message at 408-634-8361; however, we will respond much faster if you email or text us. Please mention your order number and the date you ordered in your voicemail.

When you place an order on our web site, your credit card is automatically authorized. We do not complete the charge until the order is ready to ship. The charge will appear on your card as or


We do not accept orders by phone. All orders must be placed on our web site.


We have improved our quantity discounts so that many will apply for multiple quantities of the same exact item in multiple fragrances or designs. However, different products or different brands cannot be combined for quantity discounts. Coupon codes cannot be used with quantity discounts. Quantity discounts are also based on the entire order shipping to one location. Orders cannot be split for quantity discounts.

Orders with multiple sets of product with quantity discounts may see the total discount allocated differently across products, but the total discount apply will be correct.



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