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McCall's Candles Wax Melt Button Set of 6 - Lilac

  • $ 1099

McCall's Country Candles Wax Potpourri Buttons are a 0.7 ounce wax melt embossed with the classic McCall's Country Canning logo. Sold unwrapped and unmarked in a set of 6. Approximate fragrance time 6 to 8 hours per button. It's Spring and the Lilac has just begun to bloom. A gentle breeze brings in the fragrance of this light, delicate blossom. This scent is so authentic, and oh so pretty, down to its rich, deep lavender bouquet.

BUTTONS ARE TYPICALLY SHIPPED UNMARKED WITH THE SCENTS ORDERED MIXED TOGETHER IN BAGS OF UP TO 12 BUTTONS OR SMALL BOXES WITH UP TO 36 BUTTONS. Customers who do not find this an adequate shipping method may want to consider the McCall's Candle Bars which are packaged and marked by McCall's.



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