McCall's Candles - 26 Oz. Spiced Pear

McCall's Candles - 26 Oz. Spiced Pear

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McCall's Candles - 26 Oz. Spiced Pear is spicy, juicy and fresh. It is not your typical spiced pear. It is a melody of fruits with a cinnamon note. McCall's Candles include labels with reproductions of hand-painted designs by artist Dee McCall that add detail and charm. McCall's Candles wicks are metal cored, but they are lead-free. McCall’s Candles have a rustic metal lid embossed with the McCall's Country Canning logo. This candle is also unique because of it distressed metal handle, which attaches securely to a distressed metal band around the neck of the jar. Approximate burn time 120 to 160 hours. 

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