McCall's Candles - 16 Oz. Double Wick S'mores

McCall's Candles - 16 Oz. Double Wick S'mores

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McCalls Candles - 16 oz. Double Wick S'mores has a distinctive back and gold embossed label. It offers quicker pooling and liquefying than single wick candles and more fragrance throw, so it provide fragrance stronger and faster. It has the same burn time as McCall’s Candles single wick 16 oz. candles. It does not burn faster; it burns more evenly with two smaller wicks. Approximate burn time 110 to 130 hours. Imagine sitting around the campfire toasting up some marshmallows to add to your chocolate and graham-crackers. This candle has the fragrance of your favorite camping treat, S'mores.



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