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L'epi de Provence Soap 200g - Milk

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L'epi de Provence Soap 200g - Milk is a pure vegetable soap with shea butter handcrafted in Provence, France. It is extra gentle, long lasting and generates a rich lather. L'epi de Provence Soap 200g - Milk is a nourishing and gentle soap that will leave your skin feeling irresistibly soft and supple. Crafted with care in the picturesque region of Provence, France, this luxurious soap is infused with the richness of milk to provide a truly indulgent bathing experience.

L'epi de Provence Soap is renowned for its traditional craftsmanship. Each bar is meticulously made using time-honored techniques, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. The creamy and comforting fragrance of milk envelopes your senses, transporting you to a place of pure relaxation and tranquility.

This 200g bar of soap is generously sized, allowing for long-lasting enjoyment. As it glides across your skin, it creates a luxurious lather that gently cleanses and moisturizes, while preserving the natural moisture balance. Enriched with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, it deeply hydrates and rejuvenates your skin, leaving it feeling velvety-smooth and rejuvenated.

L'epi de Provence Soap 200g - Milk is more than just a cleansing product; it is a sensory treat. The gentle scent and creamy texture create a sensorial journey that uplifts and relaxes your mind and body. 

Treat yourself or someone special to the luxurious experience of L'epi de Provence Soap 200g - Milk. Pamper your skin with the nourishing properties of milk and indulge in the sublime pleasure of this exceptional soap. Discover the secret to beautifully soft and radiant skin as you immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of L'epi de Provence.



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