Lady Primrose Lotion 8 Oz. - Tryst at - Lady Primrose - Hand Lotion

Lady Primrose Lotion 8 Oz. - Tryst

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Lady Primrose Lotion 8 Oz. - Tryst is radiantly sophisticated with its pearl hue and sheer skin moisturizer that shimmers ever so subtly. It is good for all skin types, pH balanced, prevents moisture loss, and imparts a wonderfully silky feel. It has extracts of white tea, white lily and chamomile that refine skin to a velvety softness, Vitamin B5 & minerals to nourish, tone & protect skin, increase elasticity, encourage new cell growth and brighten skin.

Tryst is Lady Primrose’s signature fragrance. Tryst has botanical extracts of white lily and chamomile with intense green florals, jasmine and fleur d’orangery.



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