Greenleaf Slim Scented Envelope Sachet Pack of 4 - Cashmere Kiss

Greenleaf Slim Scented Envelope Sachet Pack of 6 - Cashmere Kiss

  • $ 1699

Put Greenleaf Slim Scented Envelope Sachets in any room, closet, office, storage, pet areas, in vehicles, in vacuum cleaner bags, or simmer the contents to enjoy wonderful fragrances.  Approximate size 5.5 Cubic Inches. Approximately 2 inches by 8 inches. Includes 6 Sachets. Cashmere Kiss beats to the heart of a romantic and steadfast drum. Airy layers of orange and bergamot tenderly fold into delicate beds of jasmine and rose, while a rich finish of vanilla, patchouli, vetiver, and musk seal the fragrance with a kiss.

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