Tyler Candle 22 Oz. Jar - Wisteria Lane

Tyler Candle 22 Oz. Jar - Wisteria Lane

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Tyler Candle 22 Oz. Jar - Wisteria Lane candle is stylish and heavily fragranced. Tyler Candles uses the finest quality waxes and opulent fragrance oils available to create the ultimate aroma experience. Each candle is hand-poured, ensuring even burning and maximum fragrance saturation. Burn time 110 to 130 hours. A timeless fragrance with a heady sun-kissed feel wrapped in the exotic lushness of faraway lands. Classic Peony & feminine Lily of the Valley blend to create a powerful debut. Indian Jasmine melds with a fresh burst of fruit to surprise & delight. Precious woods, soft musk & rich amber tones create a mysterious finale.

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