K. Hall Designs Scent Diffuser - Peony

K Hall Designs Scent Diffuser - Peony

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K. Hall Designs Scent Diffuser - Peony is a bamboo reed scent diffuser that fills your home with scent naturally. The reeds absorb the scent and diffuse it throughout the room. The diffuser reeds act like a wick and the oil scent is naturally dissipated. K. Hall fragrance diffusers are a clean alternative to candles and incense sticks. Place the reeds into the oil and the scent emits directly from the decorative arrangement like flowers in a vase. Flip the bamboo reeds periodically and/or as desired in order to refresh the intensity of the fragrance. Each fragrance will last for months. Each scent diffuser includes one glass apothecary bottle, one 8 oz. scent and reeds all packed in an attractive gift box. Peony is a romantic, watery floral. 

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