Pro-Tec Athletics Spiky Massage Ball

  • $ 1295

Pro-Tec Athletics Spiky Massage Ball is a 3" Diameter Deep Tissue Massage Ball. The  spiky outer layer offers a stimulating effect, increasing circulation. It is an excellent tool for Plantar Fasciitis. It is also an excellent tool for backs, shoulders & calves.

    Benefits of deep tissue massage:

    1. Reduces muscle fatigue and tightness
    2. Promotes flexibility
    3. Enhances performance

    Small but mighty, mobility balls or “massage balls” are perfect for a deeper tissue massage using your body weight. They differ from foam rollers because they can be rolled in a circular motion and help dig deeper into smaller areas for single point myofascial release. They are great for traveling with or bringing in your gym bag to use post-workout. 



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